mirror reflection sketch


The original concept was from a illustration from a Korean book.

I copied the outline.

Then I felt something was missing

So I coloured the hair and painted the reflection

I wanted to make it eerie, so I soaked the mirror and painted it with different colours.

Soon after, I wiped it with a tissue

Lastly, I dribbled black paint over it.

It would have been better if the black paint was darker ūüôā

I realised that it’s difficult to see whether it’s he or she

I guess it’s a good thing? ¬†


dinner sketch


I had a hamberger
boiled tomatoes and rice with bacon for dinner

The hamberger was burnt but it was rich and delicious. The tomato tasted soggy and sour…but it was warm

After eating too much ‘sour cream and chives’ chips before dinner, I couldn’t finish the rice
so I had it for lunch the next day

I wanted to draw this suddenly
I used my left hand
Then coloured it in with my right hand


A holy man on Holi drawing


From holi festival

“It unites India in a blaze of glorious celebration,

crossing regional borders and religious boundaries

with its multicoloured exuberance.”¬†

by Arkadiusz Piatek


Holi is a Hindu festival marking the end of winter and coming of spring.

It is a celebration of the god Krishana, in which crowds throw coloured powder and coloured water,

representing a moment in Krishana’s life

when he complained about the contrast between the colour of his skin and that of his lover, Radha.

His mother applied colour to Radha’s face; today’s holi is about getting colour everywhere ¬†

I saw amazing, energetic photos about holi from a magazine
and I liked the photo of man(who look like santa clause) enjoying the moment

First I sketched him
outlined him with a back pen
coloured him in loosly
leaving white space

Then splattered it with wet brush deeped in watercolour paint

I also used my toothbrush< so I had to use a new one

some splatters fromed droplets
so I shaked it up and down, trying to make it fall down then done the same of another colour

By the way he’s not giving you the fingers
it was an accident 

pencil, paper, black pen, brush, tooth brush, coloured pencils, water colour paint




original photo

character drawings


These were done last year 


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Fruit sketch, painting



The first one was from a koreanbook called

“how to use watercolour paint”

I failed like 6 times to get this right, my final one was still not as good as the one in the book



This one uses two media, one watercolour paint and another colouring pencils

colouring pencils Great for people who is not good with paint, and for background great for filling it up with brush





My room decorations

Because I’m in a homestay, I need quick stuff to decorate my rooms <<I might move to another house

So what’s better then a paper/posters


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