scary crab soup

I won’t write the recipe down because my stomach felt quite uncomfortable after eating eat. None the less, this doesn’t mean that the dish was a failure. In fact the taste was quite good.

We had some crab left, and I found a perfect recipe on internet. The problem was I didn’t exactly follow the recipe when I realized that I didn’t have all the materials.

Here are some ‘changes’ that I made

I added lots of hot chili peppers, chili powder,spring onion and onion. After realizing the soup didn’t taste good enough I added a life saving ingredient. Left over instant noodle powder(the thing that you put in to enhance the flavours). Still something wasn’t quite right. I thought, “what the hell, I’m just going to add whatever seems right”.  I added shrimp and pickled squid and parsley. In the end the dish tasted quite right. It was spicy and full of seafood flavours.


HOWever, my stomach seem to protest as a fire seem to be harbouring inside me. Maybe the cause for my discomfort is from something else, who knows. Anyhow, one of my family members gave it a try. She seems to be fine. I will give it another try later.

My evil? creation reminded me

Chicken and Egg fried rice

Mom brought some $5 baked chicken home. Some parts of the meat were quite dry and tasteless. The best part of the chicken for me was around the skin, where you can tastet the crispiness and favour. I was eventually left with dry bits and pieces.


It seemed like a waste so I made some fried fice with everything that was available to me. I searched first so I don’t come up with some weird combinations.

Here are the steps

1. Get out onion, spring onion,pepper and garlic

2. chop the garlic, opion and pepper into small pieces

3. throw them in a heated, oiled pan (medium heat)

I suddenly thought, I think I don’t have enough chicken, I should add an egg

4. Once they seem to be mid cooked, I added egg on side of the pan(low heat)

5. scramble the egg and mix it with the other vegetables (season with salt and pepper)

6. Add 1/2 tablespoon of oyster sauce or soy sauce. I also added 1/3 tbs of seasame oil to enhance the flavours.

9. Add cooked rice

8. At last, add chopped sping onion in a low heat. stirr them for a minute.

After: The fried was pleasant and savoury. It wasn’t a particuarly amazing dish but it was much better than eating the chicken with some salt. One day…after KFC or have some chicken left, you will always have an option. I’m sure there are someone who has a better idea. 🙂


cream scorn/ muffin


 I was really HUNGRY yesterday..again..(I always feel hungry after school)

SO I decided to make a muffin

But….I found out that there was only 2/3 cup of flour was left

The original recipi required 2 cups of flour

So I was required to use my slow brain to devide everything …by ….I couldn’t figure it out fast enough

So I looked at the scorn recipi …it looked easier and required less flour

Oh..and I realised I didn’t have any eggs…


Screw recipi,=_=     I’m going to go with my gut feeling!! I was so scared and nervous because I failed 70% of the time

I added some hot chocolate powder(had no cocoa powder), and cream

I even considered putting onions and cheese….and …chocolate yogurt? . Hoever I resisted this crazy urge because I didn’t trust myself fully.

When I mixed everything it was kind of creamy….. so screw scorn! I decided to call it creamy moist scorn muffin

I remembered the time my art teacher gave me a muffin with cream cheese in it 🙂

So I ended up putting cream chese in the centre to make the scorn more interesting


I couldn’t wait until it was finished..I lingered around the oven

It always seems that baking required more or less time in comparison to the recipies

I nearly burnt it AGAIN but this time it was surprisingly good

soft and creamy but I added even more cream on top

GOD it was good

So what I’m trying to say is…. do whatever you want with cooking if you are prepared to risk  disaster

BUT you can also enjoy unexpected surprises, which would make you feel better 🙂


I made pancakes from korean pancake pack <<for people who are hopeless at cooking

I even struggled with this one 🙂 that’s why the sizes are different

Anyhow it tasted great