1. Get a part-time Job

2. Enter art competition

I decided not to do art
3. Go to the cinema by myself

4. Travel to South Island

5. Make Kimchi successfully by myself   I used internet recipe but I added too much ginger( I hate ginger).  However it was still quite nice and I made so much, I would like to share them with my friends but I’m not sure they will like it.

6. Able to have a conversation in Chinese

7. Visit China

8. Get my driver’s licence

9. Make up for things I regret the most

10. Volunteer

I did!!! at teaching kids math, it was so nice 🙂


11. Donate to North Korean Refuge Charity

12. Take a bus ride to a place I’ve never been before

13. Try Food that I’ve never tried before

14. Walk 15min everyday

I moved to a place where bus stop is 20 min away from the house. Now I am forced to walk 40 min everyday HAHHAHAH

15. Get excepted to Elam Art school

I decided not to do art


16. Get a job that I’d enjoy

17. Treat my parents with the money that I earned

18. Travel with my parents

19. Love someone with all my heart

20. Meet a North Korean person

21. Go to the script concert

22. Get married with someone I love

23. Sell an art work

24.  Work at Hanawon

25. Work as intern for Link

26. See my grandma

27. Go to a circus

28. Do something that would scare the shit out of me

29. Buy a perfume that I love

30. Get scholarship

31. Learn printmaking

32. Make life long friend

33. Get along well with my sister

34. Live in a Flat in the city

I found out city flat was horrible

Most importantly BE happy 🙂