scary crab soup

I won’t write the recipe down because my stomach felt quite uncomfortable after eating eat. None the less, this doesn’t mean that the dish was a failure. In fact the taste was quite good.

We had some crab left, and I found a perfect recipe on internet. The problem was I didn’t exactly follow the recipe when I realized that I didn’t have all the materials.

Here are some ‘changes’ that I made

I added lots of hot chili peppers, chili powder,spring onion and onion. After realizing the soup didn’t taste good enough I added a life saving ingredient. Left over instant noodle powder(the thing that you put in to enhance the flavours). Still something wasn’t quite right. I thought, “what the hell, I’m just going to add whatever seems right”.  I added shrimp and pickled squid and parsley. In the end the dish tasted quite right. It was spicy and full of seafood flavours.


HOWever, my stomach seem to protest as a fire seem to be harbouring inside me. Maybe the cause for my discomfort is from something else, who knows. Anyhow, one of my family members gave it a try. She seems to be fine. I will give it another try later.

My evil? creation reminded me